Woman nearly dies unable to breathe after drinking glass of wine with wasp in

A retired headteacher has shockingly revealed she nearly died and was left unable to breathe when she drank a glass of wine with a wasp inside it.

On August 12, Jeni Boothman, 73, and husband Tony, 82, went to a neighbour’s house in the Lake District valley for a barbecue.

The couple recalled the moment when they sat down with their friends to eat around 9.30pm.

Jeni says she picked up a glass of red wine and took a swig – only to be hit with a searing pain in her tongue as the wasp stung it.

Immediately, she spat the booze out, saying: “I spat out the wine and felt this searing pain on my tongue, it just swelled up.

“I had difficulty breathing because it was blocking my airwaves, I was being sick and it was blocking my nose.”

However, Jeni admitted that as it was a dark evening she doesn’t if she would have seen the wasp in the first place, adding: “It was dark and I don’t know if I’d have noticed it anyway because of chatting

Horrifyingly, she then felt her tongue begin to swell up. Moments later, she began to shake and vomit – meaning she was unable to breathe and her airwaves swelled up.

Instantaneously, the couple’s friend dialed 111 to Bowland Bridge, Cumbria. And once the paramedics arrived they gave Jeni three shots of adrenaline in the back of an ambulance.

Once in hospital, she was kept there for two days where she was put on a potassium drip and given steroids.

Around 2am she was moved into a ward, but was discharged two days later.

During her time in hospital time however, Jeni revealed that neither she, nor her husband – who works full time as an architect – had any grasp of truly how serious the situation was.

Medics at Furness General Hospital told her she was lucky to be alive after going into anaphylactic shock.

She said: “I think we didn’t realise how serious it was.

“I would have asked to go home with an ice pack on my tongue.

“The doctors at the hospital said I was very lucky.”

Since being discharged, despite her tongue remaining swollen four days after the sting, Jeni has praised the NHS for being caring and attentive.

Jeni, who says she gets bad reactions to mosquito and horsefly stings has said that she has learnt from this near-death expereince.

She now plans on getting a glass cover to prevent it from happening again, adding: “I am pretty fit for my age but if that happens, it does not matter what age you are.”